Exhibition “Peace or War”

“Peace or War” Exhibition at Your Museum?

We have produced “Peace or War,” a collection of thirty years of art works by Kazuaki Tanahashi, a Japanese artist living in the United States. The themes of Tanahashi’s paintings, posters, banners, and bumper stickers range from efforts to stop the nuclear arms race, nuclear power plants, the Gulf Wars, a potential U.S. attack on North Korea, population explosion, and climate change, as well as promotion of inner peace, a gun-free society, international friendship, and a fair democracy.

The first exhibition of “Peace or War” was held at the Nagasaki Peace Museum, Nagasaki, Japan, in January 2019. We request that the International Network of Museums for Peace members and their related organizations consider holding an exhibition of “Peace or War” at your location. Please find the public-domain exhibition catalogue—English and Japanese versions—in this website. We ask the host organization to cover the one-way cost of shipping from the previous host to your location and hold the boxes of the artworks until the next host is ready to receive them. Please see below information about the sizes and weights of the boxes for shipping, as well as other information about the low-cost traveling exhibition, “Peace or War.”

“Peace or War” Exhibition Specifics

We would be delighted if the International Network of Museums for Peace members and their related organizations consider hosting this exhibition.

Duration: About a month is standard, although it can be longer or shorter.

Display items:

  1. Framed works (wooden frames with no glass, about 60 cm x 75.5 cm): 18 prints/photos; 11 originals.
  2. Banners: 2 large; 2 medium sized.
  3. Book/booklet: 2.

Additionally enclosed items:

1 DVD; 1 CD; 1 sample catalogue; 1 copy of Painting Peace: Art in a Time of Global Crisis by Tanahashi, some labels.


An English version and a Japanese version are presented below—public domain (no charge for reproduction). ISBN: 978-4-9910619-0-5 (please specify English or Japanese for ordering.) Printed copies can be purchased online. If you would like more than 10 printed copies, please contact us. They will be shipped for wholesale price plus shipping cost.


Your installation:

You are welcome to select pieces from above according to your available display space and your choice of emphasis.


A file for labels for all the above pieces are on this website.


A basic design for a poster and an announcement flier are on this website. Please add your organization name, address, and dates and times of the exhibition and the opening.

Film presentation:

During the opening and the exhibition, you might like to show the enclosed DVD: Dear Los Alamos Workers, 7 minutes.


During the opening and the exhibition, you might like to repeatedly play as background music “Let Peace Be the Victor” by Betsy Rose from the enclosed CD, Imagining Peace.


The items for display are packed in four double-wall cardboard boxes. Their sizes and weights are:

  1. 66 cm x 43 cm x 82 cm. 30 kg.
  2. 66 cm x 40 cm x 82 cm. 23 kg.
  3. 83 cm x 12 cm x 67 cm. 5 kg.
  4. 66 cm x 82 cm x 21 cm. 30 kg.


For domestic shipping, please use a local shipper. For international shipping, please contact us. We will arrange shipping with DHL for you.

Things we would like you to do:

We ask the host organization to:

  1. Consider hosting an exhibition, find some convenient dates, and contact us.
  2. Make an announcement of the exhibition by using our predesigned poster and invitation, or with your own design.
  3. Contact the media.
  4. Order shipment from the previous host to your place.
  5. Receive shipment and unpack items to display.
  6. Install artworks and affix labels.
  7. Hold an opening. Show the film and play background music if you would like.
  8. Make some photographic documentation.
  9. When the exhibition is over, de-install and pack the artworks. Keep them till the next host is ready.
  10. Arrange a pick-up for the packed artworks.

In case of damage or loss:

In order to minimize the shipping and related costs, we pack the artworks in cardboard boxes. We are aware of the possibility that paintings/photos or their wooden frames may be damaged. If you can easily fix them, please do so. If the artworks are not repairable, or in case of loss, we will send you a replacement. In the same spirit, we don’t insure the artworks. All artworks can be fairly easily replaced.

Cost sharing:

We ask the host organization to cover the cost of shipping the artworks to your location (one way). We ask you to cover the costs for planning, publicity, unpacking and packing, installation, keeping the exhibition open, and de-installation, as well as management.


Time for preparation:

Please allow at least three months between the initial agreement with us and the opening of the exhibition.

Making arrangements to hold an exhibition:

Please contact us through our email: info@AWorldWithoutArmies.org.

Thank you very much.

A World Without Armies