• Sponsored the sixtieth anniversary celebration of the United Nations in collaboration with US and Costa Rican musicians, at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica in April 2005. The multi-color painting “Circle of All Nations,” 21’ x 26’, which was created for the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter in San Francisco, was displayed at the event.

• Co-sponsored the first women’s workshop for Central America Without Armies with Dirección Nacional de Prevención de la Voilencia y el Delito, Ministry of Justice, Costa Rica, in San José, Costa Rica in May 2006.

• Helped organize international exhibitions of children’s art “Envisioning Our World Without War, in Costa Rica (San Ramon), U.S.A. (San Francisco, California), Canada (Toronto), Germany (Wuppertal, Berlin), Japan (Gifu), and The Netherlands (Amsterdam).

• Produced a DVD “Free from Fear: Voices of Women in Costa Rica,” filmed by Catherine Margerin.

• Initiated and co-sponsored the First Conference of Women for the Abolition of Armies in Central America by 2020, with Latin American Institute of Peace Studies, the University of International Cooperation, Center of Friends for Peace in Costa Rica, at the Ministry of Culture, San José, Costa Rica in April 2007.

• Co-sponsored an international conference “Remembering Nanjing,” on the seventieth anniversary of the Nanjing Tragedy. It was held at the Nanjing Normal University and the Nanjing University, Nanjing, China in November 2007.